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A solo bicycle trip that will take half a decade to complete, crossing more than 100 countries and over 100,000 kilometres, on six continents.

Current location: Patagonia


Coming in from Ethiopia, Kenya was an immediate and blissful relief. After a month of non stop shouts of “you you you”, “give me money” and “FIRENJI FIRENJI!”, Kenya seemed a more relaxed and sensible place, a place where I could begin to relax and enjoy myself once again. People spoke English, I could actually read the writing (for the first time since leaving Europe four months ago) and Marmite was available in the shops. It...

Many people who have not visited the Sudan (and who have not spoken to anyone who has) have a preconceived notion that it is a dangerous country; one of those ‘bad countries’ like perhaps Afghanistan or Somalia, where terrorism runs rampant and where westerners get themselves killed. Although there are parts of the country (notably Darfur in the west and the area bordering South Sudan) where security is an issue, the vast majori...

For almost a year now I have been using the Sidewinder Ti-Tri from Trail Designs as my primary stove for my round the world bicycle trip. An alcohol stove with a twist, the Ti-Tri has become easily my favourite way to cook on the road. By combining it with a homemade pot cosy I have a cooking system that is extremely lightweight as well as highly efficient and versatile.

The Sidewinder Ti-tri system comes in two parts. First the...

I had stopped to cook lunch on a road that seemed to me particularly idyllic. Shaded by trees and running beside a waterway, the road had almost no traffic as I’d had to heft my bicycle over a broken (and impassible to motor vehicles) bridge to reach it. Privacy had been hard to come by in the densely populated Nile valley so I was enjoying the peace and quiet, sitting with my back to a tree and waiting for my pasta to boil. 

I w...

When I started touring a couple of years ago I was planning and executing my routes primarily using paper maps. As my journey took me out of the first world it became harder to find good maps so I turned to, a basic but useful smartphone application with which you can easily download the maps for entire countries for use offline. This was an improvement as it gave me access to detailed maps right on my smartphone, but I...

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