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Photos courtesy of Build Africa, ©  Juozas Cernius

As part of my ride around the world I've teamed up with Build Africa, an amazing UK charity working to fight poverty in Kenya and Uganda using education to combat inequality. Having already cycled through some incredibly poor regions I have seen first-hand the huge uphill battle that many people face to claw their way up to a proper standard of living and to lead healthy, happy lives.

Build Africa focuses on educating children and empowering communities to give them a real chance at a better life. I’m raising money for a number of projects in Kenya and Uganda, working with severely disadvantaged schools which are in urgent need of support.

In order to do this, I’m asking for your help. By sponsoring my ride and donating to Build Africa, you’ll be part of something bigger, and you’ll know that you helped transform an entire community. On my way south through Africa I visited a number of school projects in Kenya and Uganda, and I’m currently putting together a short documentary film so you'll be able to see for yourself the wonderful ways in which, with your help, Build Africa can work together with these communities to overcome the barriers of poverty and inequality. The work Build Africa is doing is so important - these are real people who deserve better, so please - help me support them. 


Build Africa believe in the power of education to help end poverty. We work to give children the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way.


We partner with remote and rural communities where children are leaving school without vital basic skills. Our unique approach then helps parents and teachers to create sustainable, effective schools and to nurture their children's learning.

For over 20 years we have ensured vulnerable children in Africa get the right infrastructure, teaching and family support so they can get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

Every child deserves a good education.

Distance: 54,000 km

Countries: 61

Time on the road: 3 years, 2 months


Kilometer milestones reached: 5/10 

Distance remaining: 46,000 km

Last updated: April 2020


Photos courtesy of Build Africa, ©  Juozas Cernius