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In March 2019 I cycled through Ethiopia from the Sudanese border in the northwest (near Himora) down to the Kenyan border at Moyale in the southeast. Ethiopia has been notorious in bicycle touring circles for decades as one of the most emotionally exhausting countries in the world to ride, due primarily to the behavior of Ethiopian people, who unfortunately do not make life pleasant or easy for cyclists. Children in particular tend to beg relentlessly and aggressively (which is common in many parts of the world, but in Ethiopia it is on a whole other level), and they are also prone to throwing stones, which can be very dangerous. Adults are usually much better, but are also very demanding and expect a lot of attention; and because of the very high population density in Ethiopia there are few opportunities to relax during the day. Why do people behave the way they do? I can't say, though I have some ideas. Either way, Ethiopia was certainly a challenge!

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