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From December 2018 to January 2019 I cycled through Jordan from Amman to Aqaba, following a long distance cycling route called the Jordan Bike Trail. Following a mix of dirt roads and pavement, the Jordan Bike Trail runs through some of Jordan's most spectacular sights and scenery, taking in Dana National Park, Petra and the incredible Wadi Rum. Winter was not the best time to visit as nights were dropping to around freezing and the (head)winds were strong and very cold. On the other hand there were fewer tourists around than there would have been in summer, and although I had bad weather for the first half of the trail, the second half was beautiful. The Jordan Bike Trail was quite physically tough as the route is very mountainous - the first half as far as Dana in particular has some very steep gradients. That said, it was a great route to ride and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid challenge. The majority of the route would have been rideable on most bicycles, although I would suggest a mountain bike as the off road sections can be rough in places and wouldn't have been much fun on a road bike. For the Wadi Rum section I was very glad to be riding a 29+ mid fat bike as it allowed me to ride the sand tracks almost anywhere I wanted. Smaller tyres would necessitate a lot of pushing, although it would still be doable. 

Note that although I mention the hiking trail in the video, the hiking and biking trails are two separate routes. I was predominantly on the bike trail, as the hiking trail is largely unsuitable for bicycles.

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