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VIDEO - Bikepacking Alaska, Episode 1: The Kenai

I'm very happy to have the first episode of my upcoming 'Bikepacking Alaska' video series finished and uploaded, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Alaska has been one of my dream destinations for many years, and it's more than lived up to the hype, with some astonishingly beautiful scenery and some fantastic cycling. I have now been in Alaska for just over a month, and I have absolutely loved it.

In this first episode, my friends and I explore the incredible Kenai Peninsula, just south of Anchorage, a place known for having some of the best singletrack trails in Alaska.

I'm already working on the second episode and a blog post, which will be coming soon, going deeper into some of my experiences so far in Alaska. It's difficult to squeeze in the time, as I'm doing a lot of cycling almost every day, but there's a lot on the way. This is such an amazing region, and I'm very excited to share it with you!


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