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VIDEO - Packing for Bikepacking: everything I carry after 7 years around the world

In this long-requested video I go through everything I carry for long-term expedition bikepacking, show you where and why I pack it all into my bags, and I also share a bunch of tips and tricks for refining your own bikepacking setups. Packing is a skill that can be greatly improved with practice and planning, and getting better at it can make life much easier when out on a bikepacking trip.

I've been cycling around the world since 2015, covering around 70,000 kilometres (43,000 miles) through 70 countries. Knowing how to pack for a bikepacking trip isn't always easy as there are so many different options available, but having spent so much time on the road, I've gradually fine-tuned my bikepacking setup to the point that I think it's pretty close to perfect.

I now use a hybrid setup comprising aspects from both bikepacking and bicycle touring, which gives me a lot more capacity and convenience than a typical bikepacking setup, whilst also being far lighter and more capable than a traditional rack and pannier bike touring setup. Packing can be quite a nuisance when bikepacking with limited capacity, but with my setup, packing is fast and easy, and I have enough capacity to carry several days of food, as well as all my camping gear, cooking gear, clothes, tools, spare parts, electronics (including carrying a laptop, which can be challenging to pack for bikepacking) and camera equipment.

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